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Go Edit Academic Editing

Go Edit is your solid solution for editing and formatting doctoral dissertations and projects.
Go Edit provides personalized coaching for researching and writing effectiveness. Your task is difficult, but we can help.

Editing Services and Deliverables
•    Style and Format Editing for APA 7 & Turabian 9
•    Quick, Free & S
ecure Estimates 
•    Grammar, Syntax & Writing Refinement

•    Bibliographical, Front & Backmatter Refinement
•    Figure & Table Formatting
•    Automated Tables
•    Word and PDF Copies of Your Edited Work
•    A Personal Connection with an Editing Specialist
•    Professional Editor Report  

Drs. Fortier and Steenburg regularly teach doctoral research with Liberty University Online and look forward to helping you complete your degree with excellence.

The Go Edit team specializes in academic editing. Our goal is to make great papers better. We follow a strategic five-point process to prepare and polish work for academic submissions. 

1. Spelling, Grammar, Syntax, Capitalization

Communication is critical for making an academic contribution. If a document is not formatted correctly it suffers in accuracy and power. Make the most of your hard work by having a professional editor polish your presentation. 

2. Citation, Bibliography, and Backmatter Refinement 

Citing academic work is critical and often complicated. At Go Edit, we live in this world; let us help you refine elusive details. 

3. Style Alignment

Compliance with your institution's manual of style for your program is critical. Our editors can help you with the important details that are often overlooked. 

4. Automated Tables

Academic work requires tables for contents, tables, and figures. Last-minute updates are no longer a problem because all tables can be easily and accurately updated in a few minutes. Once we automate your document, you are set! It's a beautiful thing. 

5. Content Insights and Defence Recommendations

Go Edit's editors keep an eye out for places to make suggestions for your document. You are becoming a subject matter expert, and your paper is a unique contribution, but sometimes we see things that might help. If we see something that raises a question, we will let you know in the post-project report. 

Personal Connection with an Experienced Editor

Our editors know your work is life-defining. We want to know your concerns, communicate our plan, and partner with you to help you finish your next academic achievement well. We look forward to connecting with you.


Customer Comments


"The finished product was exceptionally professional, and I would use them to edit future publications."

Dr. M. Peters

Former Doctoral Candidate

Liberty University


"Go Edit has has edited the work of several of my doctoral students and does an excellent job!"

Dr. J. Dunlow

Professor & Doctoral Mentor

Liberty University

I will definitely use them again.

"Go Edit made a considerable difference in the final copy of my work."

Dr. D. Helm

Former Doctoral Candidate 

Liberty University

Let's Take Your Paper to the Next Level

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