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Cost and FAQ

What is the Cost?
The base price is $7.00 per page for the whole document, before discounts..


Does GE offer any discounts?
Yes, we have connections with some schools that create discounts. Check off the box “bonus” in the application sheet and select your school to see if there is a present discount.

Upon what is the base price based?
The base price assumes the student has produced an academically appropriate manuscript. Therefore, papers needing extensive work may incur additional cost or the document may not be accepted for editing. 


What does the price include?
We prepare your document for submission by addressing syntax and grammar (e.g., capitalization, spelling, sentence structure, verb tense, word choice, pronoun referents, clarity, run-on sentences, fragments, document flow, and transitions). Additionally, your edit will help align papers with institutional stylistic formatting. Therefore, our services are always inclusive. Our goal is to have your paper close to ready for submission when it is returned.

What type of things will the editor not do?
The editor will not change the overall tone of a student’s work, write material for a student, rewrite a student's material beyond basic stylistic improvements, commit academic fraud on behalf of any student, or address every conceivable issue.  Editors do not change the integrity or meaning of the content, generate content, or delete content. Editors do not add missing information in reference sections but will attempt to note when additional information is needed. Go Edit editors will polish the author’s product to produce solid academic work within a reasonable, professional framework. 


Will I have an opportunity to speak with my editor to review the paper and prepare for an academic defense?
Yes. We recommend scheduling a free live initial conference to develop a strategic strategy for your paper, a free follow-up chat to make the most of the editing, and if relevant, help to prepare for an oral defense. 


What type of contact will I have with my editor?
Your editor will contact you and provide you with an email and a phone number for real-time communication. Texting is the preferred method of communication. 


Will the editor use my institution’s style guide?
Yes, almost every institution uses an adapted manual of style. Our editors are subject matter experts on the actual style manuals (e.g., Turabian, APA), so taking the extra steps to identify and include institutional idiosyncrasies is expected and manageable. We will ask you for a copy of your school’s manual of style to provide specific compliance. 

How much time does it take to edit a paper?
Once a contract is in place and we agree upon the target date, we complete most papers in one week (7 days).


Is it possible to have a paper edited in less than a week?
Yes, this will usually be an additional dollar ($1) per page, per day for possible faster delivery. Exceptions apply.

Will the editor change verb tense in areas when an institution requires updates?
Some academic work requires students to write a section of their work in the future tense and then change it to the past tense once they finish their paper. It is impossible for an editor to know what happened when the project or paper was completed; hence, the author will need to do those sections. It is recommended to make these changes before submitting for editing. Go Edit will address general tense issues in the paper if it is clear that the author intended to use a different tense or if it is necessary for good grammar.


How is citation accuracy addressed?
The editor will correct formatting but is not responsible for checking details (e.g., the accuracy of cited page numbers, location of publishers, etc.). The editor will only work with the material provided; hence, if a student does not include a publisher in a reference, the editor will highlight what is missing but not guess about missing information.

What will I get back from my GE?
You will receive the edited paper as a .docx and .pdf copy, the GE Editor’s Report (including directions for updating tables), and an opportunity to speak with your editor. After we receive the final payment, we will deliver a final invoice. 


Will my editor let me know about possible problematic content?
If an editor notices something that could be taken incorrectly or may have other problematic implications, they will let you know in the GE Editor Report. Academic work requires precision; hence, editors are probably not subject matter experts in your content area, but they will do their best to highlight possible concerns. 


How much is due to start the process, and when is the final payment due?
A 50% deposit is required to start the editing; the rest is due upon completion. 


How are payments received? 
GE accepts major cards through our Wave management system (including American Express). We also use PayPal and Zelle.


When does the time for editing my paper begin?
After receiving your paper, you will receive an invoice detailing the cost and target date for completion. In addition, the invoice will include a window for deposit submission.
What happens if my supervising professor wants me to make additional changes?
Most students are comfortable making minor updates, and we provide the instructions for automatically updating the tables on the GE Editor’s Report. However, a new contract can be established if extensive changes are required, and the student feels additional editing is necessary.


What is GE’s purpose in editing?
The purpose of editing is not to create a paper or to rewrite an author’s work; instead, the objective is to polish a solid document by addressing naturally occurring errors and helping students publish better manuscripts.


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